Lo! “The Ice War” Cometh

I have now finished editing the MS of my science fiction spy story The Ice War. What remains before publication: I am waiting for the cover and I need to straighten out an issue with the IRS (yes, even we “non-resident aliens” have to do that). When those matters are settled, it will be available as an ebook on Amazon.

Here is a teaser from page 1:

The Cassiopeia’s cargo ramp touched the ground with a clonk. I crossed it and stepped down on the cracked concrete of the landing pad. The cold wind smelled of burning coal and dusty roads. The sun stood halfway into the sky to the north-northwest: early afternoon local time. Carrion birds squabbled around a carcass at the nearest warehouse. Denmark’s red and white flag fluttered over the cloudport’s gate and beyond it I glimpsed Fredriksborg’s cluster of dark buildings.

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