Review of “The Ice War”

Larry Amyett reviews my novel The Ice War at the Dieselpunk44 blog. A quote:

The Ice War is a fun adventure story set in a well thought out and realistic alternative dieselpunk universe. It’s full of international intrigue and action. Written by one of the men who coined the term dieselpunk, Ice War is a fun read that you really should buy.

You can read the complete review here — link >>>

Larry’s positive review spurs me to write more stories from the same alternate timeline. I have begun outlining new novella, a stand-alone sequel that tentatively is called The Red Land and that has Linda Connor (one of the two protagonists in The Ice War) as the viewpoint character. The story takes place far from Alba about four years later and deals with some of the consequences of Russia’s actions in The Ice War. For instance, how come that country has secretly developed powerful new technologies? I have once more been inspired by my experiences from the Swedish military and from Afghanistan and India.

Also, I make a promise: I will go on writing tight and focused novellas, because I like the philosophy of the Way of the Cheetah: lean, swift, and mean. No brick-shaped books, that’s for sure.

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